Despite the name of the blog, it is not actually just all about me! More of a journey of exploration.

I was diagnosed with ME/CFS four months ago. Looking back I think this is what I have suffered on and off for many years. I remember when I was 7 and recovering from a virus of the optic nerves, I had the most excruciating pains in my legs (I remember I was in my Brownie uniform walking home!). No-one could tell me why it was and the pain was put down to growing pains. Now, with the pain back, I realise it was fibromyalgia.

Over the last four months I have done loads of research, and have found a plethora of advise and information – ‘exercise, but not too much’ ‘don’t exercise’ ‘cut out gluten, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, eating, drinking, talking….’ well, maybe not the last three, but you get the idea. So I have challenged myself to 100 days of discovery, challenging myself to try different things and be mindful of the effects on me and this awful invisible disease. This is my personal journey.